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The World Tree
    In Norse mythology, it is believed that the axis of the universe is an enormous ash tree. This tree, “Yggdrasill”, links the worlds of Asgard (where the Gods reside)  Midgard (where humans reside) and Nifheim, (the land of darkness and freezing mist) known as Hel. Yggdrasill is called “The World Tree” because it is thought to be the guardian of the whole world.
  Yggdrasill is a timeless representation of human nature; filled with goodness and evil, fear and joy, dread and longing, and the endless wealth of human emotions. A sacred eagle resides in its uppermost branches with a hawk perched between its eyes; symbol of an enlightened spirit, able to see clearly what is unseen and respond with wisdom. At the bottom of the tree, gnawing at its roots, resides Nidhogg, the great serpent; symbolizing the darkness that eats away at the souls of humankind. A squirrel named Ratatosk scurries up and down the trunk. He lies to the eagle about the dragon and lies to the dragon about the eagle. Ratatosk mimics our human conscience, battling between good and evil, and trying to find truth and balance in our lives. Yggdrasil stands as guardian by reflecting the actions of our human world and staying in touch with the cosmic consciousness.
  The tree is universally thought of as a symbol of stability and growth, and revered for its life-giving abilities. The roots reach deep into the earth to ground us; the branches reach high into the heavens to enable our spirit to grow; the fruits feed and nurture our bodies. The tree represents life, death, and resurrection. It buds new in  Spring, ripens in Summer, withers in Fall and dies in Winter, but awakens anew in the endless cycle of life! Wear it as a reminder to keep your life in balance. Be grounded, but let your spirit soar. Be nurturing, but don’t forget to feed your soul! Give back to the world to keep the endless cycle of life turning.

Product Specifications :

Metal : American Made High Quality Pewter
Height : 1-1/4 Inch
Width : 3/4 Inch

This "Double Sided" Pendant comes with The Story Card, 32" black cord & decorative bead

Please Note: Photos are not actual size. Check "Product Specifications" for actual size.
Height size does not include  the jump ring.


Product Code: A-007



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