Magical Dragon Claw - amber


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Magical Dragon Claw - amber
Since ancient times, color has been used in magic, healing, and religion. Some say God, as light, is the source of all color. Each color is a distinct vibrational level of the primordial essence and crystallized energy that is the matter that makes up our universe including ourselves. Every color cause our energy to resonate with it’s particular vibration- imparting helpful effects to one’s personality, emotions, and thoughts.
The following are the characteristics radiated by each color.

Red:  The zenith of color; provides skill in battle, love, joy,
passion, strength, health, victory, and success. Protects against fire and lightning.
Planetary influence : Mars

Green:  The mystic color. It attracts money, heals growth oriented medical problems. Promotes independence, prosperity, and success; facilitates change, renewal, and resurrection.
Planetary influence : Venus

Blue:  The” third eye” opens, enhances extrasensory perception, intuition, and deep understanding. Reflects truth, wisdom, loyalty, peace, and contemplation. Excellent for the bard, poet, or artist.
Planetary influence : Neptune

Black:  Brings self-control and power, rebirth and resurrection, stability, receptiveness and understanding, prudence and wisdom, and eliminates negativity. Helps control that Rebel within you!
Planetary influence: Saturn

Clear:   Channels and enhances energy. Brings purity, spiritual perfection and knowledge. Encourages self-illumination and perfect
insight.The pure mind helps one perceive the past,present & future.
Planetary influence: Earth

Pink:  Loving & calming. Purification, good health, renews love, heightens sensuality. Protects from anxiety, toxicity or disease.
Planetary influence: warm,sweet,Venus

Amber:  Represents courage "the soul of the tiger" Gives magical strength, vital dynamic force, heightens communication and concentration. Brings good health, luck and protection.
Planetary influence: Mercury

Sky Blue:  All the sky gods, the water principle, creativity & self-expression. The overflowing cup of divine communication. Excellent for the writer, singer or speaker. Flowing, life-giving freedom.
Planetary influence: Earth

Purple:  Divine radiance ,cosmic consciousness, high spiritual attainment, truth, justice, temperance, royalty, imperial power. Silence & bliss, the crown of absolute unity, reality beyond duality. Relieves depression, headaches & hair problems.
Planetary influence: Jupiter

Product Specifications :
Metal : American Made High Quality Pewter
Height : 1-1/4 Inch
Width : 3/4 Inch

This Pendant comes with The Story Card, 32" black cord & decorative bead
Please Note: Photos are not actual size. Check "Product Specifications" for actual size.

Product Code: DC-09



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