Rose Cross


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Rose Cross

The vertical arm of the Cross is considered Male Energy, representing the World Axis; a Spiritual bridge between Heaven and the Earth. The horizontal arm is the Female Energy: Unity of life, Divine Light, and Spiritual Radiance. The 4 arms divide the world into the four directions, Elements, Seasons, and separates Heaven and Earth. The Celtic knotwork symbolizes The Rose with its many meanings: Honor, Faith, Beauty, Balance, Passion, Wisdom, Intrigue, Devotion, Sensuality, and Timelessness. The never-ending Celtic knotwork is considered a Protective Symbol and represents Spiritual Growth.

An original design cast in lead free pewter.


Product Specifications :
Metal : American Made High Quality Pewter
Height : 1  Inch
Width : 1 Inch

This Pendant comes with The Story Card, 32" black cord
Please Note: Photos are not actual size. Check "Product Specifications" for actual size.


Product Code: 13-005



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