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Majora's Mask

   Majora's Mask is a Dark and Powerful Relic that the Hyrulian Hero, Link, discovers during his adventures. The origin of the mask is a mystery; it is known to have Incredible Powers: the ability to Transform one's Physical Appearance, change the weather, allow flight, and control the Magic of the Moon.

    People sought out the Mask hoping to claim its Magical Armor, which would give them the power to fulfill their deepest wishes.

   One day, the beast was approached by a traveler, who discovered that the creature had been living in misery. Taking pity, the man pulled out his bongo and began making music. The monster went into a trance and danced for three days straight. On the third day, the beast fell dead from dancing his heart out.  The story goes on to say, that the hero takes the armor, but, instead of wishing upon it, he carves it into a mask in an attempt to seal the beast's power inside it forever. Many believe that Majora's dark spirit continues to live on in the mask-waiting patiently for a willing host to inhabit.

   Wearers of Majora's mask beware, lest its powers overcome you!

An original design cast in lead free pewter.

Product Specifications :
Metal : American Made High Quality Pewter
Height : 1 Inch
Width : 1 Inch

This "Double Sided" Pendant comes with The Story Card, 32" black cord
Please Note: Photos are not actual size. Check "Product Specifications" for actual size.

Product Code: 12-005



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