The Guardian Angel


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Guardian Angel

In all cultures, for all ages, we have been blessed with a Guardian Angel to watch over us and protect us!

A belief in "Guardian Angels" restores our Spiritual Selves and renews our potential for Divine Good.

Our belief in the Gods and Goddesses, in Fairies, and Angels awakens our Souls from the doldrums of traditional religions and hard science.

Some say that each newborn is blessed with their own "Guardian Angel," who watches over them for life.

Some believe we have several "Guardian Angels" to guide us in difficult situations.
Let this Amulet guide the Angel you need most to your side at the proper time and place.
In our original design, the Angel's stylized Wings become the Heart shaped Art Nouveau border that flows downward to surround and protect her.

Her flowing hair and robes intertwine to complete this stunning work of art.


Product Specifications :
Metal : American Made High Quality Pewter
Height : 1 Inch
Width : 3/4 Inch

This "Double Sided" Pendant comes with The Story Card, 32" black cord & decorative bead
Please Note: Photos are not actual size. Check "Product Specifications" for actual size.

Product Code: 13-002



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